Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory

Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory
Emirates bio fertilizer factory was established in 1995 and started the commercial production on 1997 as national company tending to recycle the animal manure (cow – poultry) & plant wastes in order to produce natural organic fertilizers & agricultural potting soil, free of nematodes and other pathogens and environment friendly. Production capacity of the factory is 500 tons per day of heat treated organic fertilizers.

It pleases us to convey that, Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory holding the below mentioned certificates & awards:
• KIDPA ( Khalifa International Date Palm Award ) distinguished product 2008 .
• ISO Certificate 9001/2008 & 14001/2008
• Membership of the Ifoam (International Federation Of Organic Agriculture Movement).
• Membership of dar (Deutcher Akkreditierug Rat).
• Sheikh Khalifa Industry Award for 2000/ 2001.
• Ecocert Product Certificate.


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