Waste Management

Transfer Stations

We provide the latest specialized outdoor COLLECTION BINS located in various collection sites. Advantages of Our Bins:
• European manufactured
• High capacity containers in a single piece of equipment
• Designed for the users
• Versatility of the use , thanks to its carefully – designed appearance , integrated perfectly in any environment • Solar power
• Reduction of collection costs
“MEGABOX” Underground bins can hold up to a maximum of 60m3 of garbage that can serve 1500 persons.
We also offer the following:
• Public cleansing, street sweeping and drain cleaning
• Door-to-door solid waste collection wit compaction trucks
• Solid Waste collection with large capacity waste containers
• Liquid Waste collection (Septic tank emptying)
• Vector Control Services , de-infestation and fumigation of facilities and localities • Landfill or final dump site operation and management
• Street and pavement sweeping and desilting and cleaning of drains
• Hiring and leasing of waste management equipment
• Landscaping of roadsides, medians and roundabouts as well as residences
• Water tanker services
• Waste management capacity-building and training of personnel

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